Thursday, January 5, 2012

He listens.

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Not even 2 nights ago I expressed a desire to my husband that I would be able to find blogs where young couples are choosing to adopt before attempting to have children naturally. As details of this future adoption are beginning to take up more and more of my thoughts, I was starting to already feel isolated in the VERY early stages of this process. We haven’t told too many friends or family members about this decision and I know what we are doing is not the road most taken by young newlyweds. I felt overwhelmed with the process and wanted to be able to read about another couple that has embarked on a similar journey.
Well, He listens. The very next day I stumbled upon a blog where a young couple felt called to adopt first and that blog led me to several others. I have already spent hours reading their stories and why they felt led to adopt before having children naturally.
Isn’t it incredible that God hears every thought, frustration, complaint, & praise that we have in our hearts? I didn’t even speak my request to Him but it was answered and I feel more comforted than ever.
I know this journey is going to be SO difficult and there will be many more moments where I feel isolated and as though we are making a decision that is “odd”, “different”, “weird”, “CRAZY”. But I am so thankful to know that my God hears our ever desire and that there is a community out there who has also chosen to take this “CRAZY” alternate route.

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  1. Amazing. It is cool to see and know that there are other believers around the world who are passionate about the same thing.

    You aren't crazy. You aren't alone and you aren't weird. You are following where you know God is leading and for that you are right at the heart of God's will - which is amazing!

  2. And once you start the process you will find such rich fellowship among like-minded believers that you haven't even "met". God is faithful!

    Thanks for the shout-out :).