Sunday, January 8, 2012

Encourage one another!

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This picture is one of the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen. I found it on pinterest (link above) and could not stop staring at the colors, the fabric, the sweet baby & the hard working mother. Photos like this tell a story and it is one that I have found myself continually thinking and praying about over and over again. **Africa is on my heart!** (details to come)
As more people are starting to find out about our thoughts & dreams for international adoption, I become more nervous about the greater chance of the destructive and hurtful comments that might arise from those who will not agree with this route we are planning on taking. I shouldn't expect everyone to understand why we are doing this or think that it is the best idea for their family. But what I am coming to realize is that there is no way that Brent & I will be able to get through the adoption process and the difficulties of parenting without a strong support system. 
God has showed me so much over the past week of 2012. I feel so confident in our decision and am incredibly thankful for His perfect timing. There is so much work that I need to do with myself, with Brent, to prepare ourselves to bring a child into our home. We have to continue to build a strong foundation within our marriage and an incredibly strong support system around us so that when the time comes that we are questioned or attacked for the choices we have made, we will be able to hold hands and answer questions in a loving, kind way and be "slow to anger".

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  1. Lord make us courageous.

    I was listening to this song while I read your post. Fitting?