Tuesday, January 24, 2012

coastal porch swing

Overtime I hope to share some DIY projects that my husband & I have tackled & are planning to take on around our house because setting up our first place together has become something I have completely enjoyed (and am rather obsessed with). We live in a historic neighborhood that has so much southern charm and a real community to go along with it. We know all of our neighbors and are so thankful to have great relationships with them. If God keeps us in Jacksonville for years into the future, Springfield is the only neighborhood to find us in!

One of the unique characteristics about our historic neighborhood are the front porches. Nearly every house has one and it definitely brings people together! I am completely in love with our front porch and am hopeful that we will always live in a home that has one. Here are some of my favorite *dream* porches::

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We were given great advice when we first got married and moved into our home that we should make sure to have "porch time" before the end of every day. They told us that they do this every day, no matter the busyness or outdoor temperature. They make time to stop what they are doing and catch up with each other on their front porch or just sit outside without saying a word.
We loved this idea but honestly haven't been able to keep up with it very much at all. We purchased 2 rocking chairs when we first moved in but those have definitely been used by myself and my girlfriends more than me and Brent.

Opps :(

Thankfully I received one of the most thoughtful presents this Christmas from my sweet husband! A new porch swing! He had listened to the many times I had mentioned a desire for a front porch swing and printed out 3 different options that he thought I would like. I ended up choosing a white 5 ft swing from hayneedle.com that is currently on sale!


It arrived last week and my husband was working late in the evening on Sunday to hang it up for me because of course I had an extra special request for this swing...I wanted it hung with rope please and thank you!

Pinterest got me again and I knew that rope would give the coastal look I was going for instead of chain. Ekk - He wasn't such a fan of that request as it would definitely make it harder to hang evenly. But after seeing inspirational pics like this:::

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I knew there was no turning back from the rope obsession! Rope also saved us $12 dollars in the end as purchasing the chain with the swing would have been an extra $50.

We measured the length of the porch floor to ceiling and doubled it to equal the length of rope we needed for one side of the swing. It ended up being 22 ft of rope for each side of the swing & $28 total for the 44 ft of rope.

We used this tutorial to help us out along the way:: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,20501527,00.html

and now have this jewel hanging on our front porch :) :)

I love thinking of all the memories & conversations that will take place in this new spot and I am definitely more encouraged to stop the afternoon "to-do list" and have "porch time" with my better half.

Where is your favorite spot to disconnect from the world's distractions and connect with your friends/spouse?

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