Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebrity Marriage...Is that an oxymoron?

Over the past 10-15 years, there have been a few famous couples that I have viewed as the ones who would be married forever. I remember thinking at a young age that if this particular couple were to ever break up, that {in a dramatic voice} I would never believe in true love ever again!!! ::Yes these thoughts may have occured during my teenage years::
Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston
Welp, we all know how that ended. Not so great.
I had also viewed this couple as being the epitome of true love and an “everlasting marriage”.
Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon
Yeah, not so much for those two either.
And  then there is this couple.
Seal & Heidi Klum
A couple that took the time to renew their vows every year in an effort to show their continuous commitment to their marriage. This past weekend they announced that they were going their separate ways as well.
My question is this. How does one stay focused on creating an everlasting marriage when there seems to be no positive examples left in this world to show us how to do it? I am pretty sure I would have a hard time counting on one hand the examples of a happy marriage that I see in my own life. Let me think… Yup, I think there are less than 5 couples that I can think of that are in their older years and are still more in love than ever (one of them being my grandparents).
These thoughts and real life examples can be discouraging and depressing…if we allow them to be. But I choose to believe that my marriage will be different. I choose to believe that I have married the one that God hand selected for me and that everything I have witnessed about “marriage” will help us build something that is the opposite from the world’s view. I believe that Brent & I will be holding hands on a front porch when we are old and gray and we will still manage to have love in our hearts for each other at the end of a very difficult day/week/month/year.
However I know that this will not occur without pushing through the moments that seem unbearable. There will be events that take place that seem impossible to navigate through but I must remember that my husband and I are a team and that we can get through these obstacles together. We must also surround ourselves with the type of people that will be there to support us when we fail each other and make mistakes. Most importantly, we must always have our relationship with our Heavenly Father be our primary focus. Without Him, I have no doubt that we will not survive the challenging years ahead.
It’s going to be hard but there isn’t anyone in the world I would want to experience the ups and downs of life with than the man that God has chosen for me.
What are some of the things you do to continue to grow your marriage and stay connected?


P.S. I love pinterest for the amazing ideas that can be found on there. I have created a board with ideas for dating/marriage including pins for cheap date nights and other activities to do to reconnect with your partner/show them love!   

P.S.S.  One of my Hollywood “example couples” remains intact:  
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw  
Love them.

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