Tuesday, October 11, 2011

random acts of LOVE

There are hundreds of opportunites that each day brings where we are able to step a little bit (or a lot a bit) out of our comfort zone to love on someone who may desperately need it. This opportunity may be blatantly obvious like when you see an older woman who is struggling to place her groceries in her car & you take the time to assist her, or this opportunity to serve may be a bit more disguised like when you know a co-worker is having a rough day and you decide to purchase her favorite soda in hopes of cheering her up. We have opportunities like this throughout the day to bless someone else and make a difference in their lives.

I recently came across the following blog and was incredibly inspired to do more for others.


In this blog posting, a woman celebrates her 38th birthday by spending the day with her family as they perform 38 random acts of kindness, TOGETHER. She states that this day was one of the best days of her life as each action blessed others, as well as herself. How incredible is this? How selfless and loving is the thought of focusing on others on a day that is meant to be all about YOU? There are several things that I adore about this posting including that this mother involved her children in this celebration to teach them how to love complete strangers.

Random acts of kindness can be performed through words of kindness as well. A few months ago I was at Whole Foods in Orlando during a business trip. I was exhausted and wanted to pick up a quick dinner and return to my hotel room. I remember that as I was choosing my meal, a little girl started screaming at the top of her lungs as she began to throw the world's largest temper tantrum. The entire store froze and stared at the mother in horror as this girl screamed for what seemed like hours. Immediately I felt for this mother. I may have been tired, but her job doesn't end when she goes home. This mother was strong and stood her ground as her daughter screamed and cried. I felt moved to lay a hand on her shoulder or even hug her and tell her she was doing a good job as she didn't give in handing over the treat that her daughter longed for. However, as quickly as the Lord told me to encourage this woman, worldly doubts took over that thought. I began thinking - I can't talk to her...she will think I am so strange...What if she ignores me? ... What if she doesn't speak my language? - I ended up walking away from this woman without giving her the encouragement that she could have desperately needed.

How many times do we doubt ourselves or decide not to spread kindness to others because we are stuck on our own selfish thoughts or desires? This is something that I struggle with way too often. We must push through those feelings of discomfort to love those who may be battling something so much larger than we could ever imagine. We must love those around us and be His hands & feet.


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